Sam Adams Stein Hoisting

Back and better for 2018, Sam Adams Stein Hosting!

Samuel Adams, a featured brewery sponsor for the 2018 Bourbon and Brewfest.

Do you have what it takes? See how long you can hoist a full stein of delicious Sam Adams’ Oktoberfest for a chance to win!

Event Dates

The following practice event will be held at Buffalo Wild Wings on Scottsville Rd in Bowling Green. More information will be posted as it is available.

September 13th

Start time: 6pm

Our main event will be held at this year’s Brewfest, Oct. 13th! Event times, prizes, and more to be announced!

The Rules!

  • Steins must be held by the handle only
  • Keep your arms straight and parallel to the floor
  • No bent elbows or leaning backwards
  • Spilling beer is a party foul
  • Last person holding wins!

Participants must have fun. Steins must be returned to event staff!

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