Brewfest V: Rain & ‘Shine (Official Rain Plan)

With the high chance of rain on Saturday we have devised a weather plan to keep all guests out of the rain as much as possible. Umbrellas are allowed but not recommended, please keep them closed while on the concourse. The baseball field will be closed off.  Please review the updated festival map below.

Concourse & Field

All bourbon, wine, and vendor booths will be located on the concourse. Beer will be served from the ballpark concession stands. Most of the concourse is covered by a roof. The areas which are not will be covered by large tents we have rented for the day. The food trucks will be located outside of the second entrance just down the steps. The Bowling Green/Warren County Humane Society Silent Auction and Pint Knight Merchandise Tent will be located in the Hot Rods Pro Shop next to the VIP entrance.

VIP Area

The VIP area remains upstairs and is entirely sheltered from the rain. In an effort to help prevent congestion, we are splitting our VIP offerings between the deck area and club area. All VIP beer and our Griff’s catered order will be served in newly renovated club area. All VIP bourbons (including Four Roses VIP bourbons) will be served in the Coca Cola deck area along with Donatos pizza. We will also be opening all unused suites for use by VIP ticket holders for lounging and dining purposes only. Private Suites that have already been purchased will still only be available to those suite ticket holders.

Please wear appropriate attire and prepare for some fun!

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